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Πέμ 03 Αυγ


Underwood Healing

Sound Healing *LIONS GATE

As we enter the Portal of our Galactic New Year, or the ‘Lions Gate’ we wilcelebrate with a mantra for our Warrior Goddess of Protection, Durga. I will also share the Gayatri Mantra for deep cleansing & Illumination PLEASE NOTE: tickets are non-refundable. Choose your dates mindfully.

Sound Healing *LIONS GATE
Sound Healing *LIONS GATE

΄'Ωρα & Τοποθεσία

03 Αυγ 2023, 7:00 μ.μ. – 8:00 μ.μ. GMT+10

Underwood Healing, 103B Grange Rd, Glen Huntly VIC 3163, Australia

Σχετικά με την εκδήλωση

A small group sound healing & reiki session. Live vocals, Tibetan & Vedic healing mantras,  chimes, native medicine drum & singing bowls. 

Mattress, blanket & cushions provided

**If you would like to book multiple events dates, Please contact Katie on 0408 997 599 or via email with your preferred dates for the month. 

Who is this class for? 

People looking for healthy ways to relax and a place to connect with other like-minded souls.

Anyone wanting an affordable option to receive sound healing regularly. 

People who appreciate comfort and a small group setting. 

Benefits of regular Meditation & Sound Healing:

Reduced anxiety

Improved sleep

Helps with symptoms of depression & PTSD

Decrease pain

Reduce stress 

Spiritual connection

Deep rest

Improve focus & concentration

Create new social connections


  • Casual ticket

    Mat, cushion & blanket provided.

    35,00 A$
    Φόρος: Περιλαμβάνεται ο χρήστης gst+0,88 A$ κόστος υπηρεσίας
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